Beratungsstelle für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene
der Evangelischen Dekanate Mainz-Ingelheim-Oppenheim


Welcome to our homepage!


We are part of the evangelican church and the social network of Germany. We like to help children, young people and their parents in all kinds of educational matters and their social und family relationships.


In our team work:


- psychologists
- socialworkers
- secretaries with special qualifications


The staff is trained for psychotherapy. Especially in behavioural therapy und family therapy. We choose the counselling method to reach the aim as soon as possible.


Everyone can come and ask for our service. For a personal contact you need to live in the city of Mainz or in the county of Mainz-Bingen.

There are a few points of interest, you should like to know:

• our service is free of charge
• you are free in your decision to ask us - no one is forced for contact
• we don’t give any information to other persons or authorities, expect  you ask for
• we work together with all human-beings beside their religion, race or nationality
• we prefer counselling techniques which will help you to solve a special  problem as soon as possible
• we speak german, english and spanish

If you like to know more about us or there are special problems, don’t wait and take contact:

telephone: 06131 965 540